The comparative advantages of FRP pultruded profiles and ordinary profiles

Features of FRP pultruded profile products
(1) The tensile strength of the high-strength pultruded profile is 150-300MPa, the bending strength is 200-300MPa, and the bending strength retention rate after 1000h artificial accelerated aging can reach 78%.
(2) Low deformation rate FRP pultruded profile after 1000h artificial accelerated aging, the length change is 0.03%, and the width change rate is -0.07%. Therefore, the geometric shape and size of products made with the pultruded profile can be kept stable for a long time.
(3) High heat distortion temperature The heat distortion temperature of the pultruded profile is 186°C, which does not soften at high temperatures and does not become brittle at -60°C, ensuring normal use under various ambient temperatures.

(4) Low water absorption The water absorption of ordinary FRP products is less than 0.5%, while the water absorption of pultruded profiles is only 0.257%, which is suitable for use in humid environments.
(5) Low thermal insulation coefficient. The heat transfer coefficient of pultruded profiles is close to that of rigid PVC, and the thermal insulation coefficient of single-frame double-glass thermal insulation windows made of them is only 2.69W/(m2.K). The thermal insulation coefficient of the same type windows made of steel and aluminum is as high as 4.0W/(m2.K), indicating that the energy saving of FRP doors and windows is very obvious.
(6) The pultruded profile with strong corrosion resistance is soaked in 3%HCI aqueous solution for 24h, and its hardness retention rate is 95%; after soaked in 3%NaCl aqueous solution for 24h, its hardness retention rate is 89%. Therefore, doors and windows made of FRP pultruded profiles are not only suitable for ordinary houses, hotels, restaurants, but also more suitable for industrial plants in coastal areas and corrosive operating environments.
(7) To adapt to environmental requirements, the production process used to process pultruded profiles has the characteristics of low noise, high efficiency, low power consumption, and low pollution, and meets the relevant national environmental requirements.
At present, there are many types of FRP pultruded products, such as trough, angle, I-shaped, square tube, rectangular tube, round tube, round rod, etc. However, the specifications and sizes of different manufacturers, especially the mechanical performance indicators, are different from each manufacturer. It is relatively large, causing inconvenience for users in design and use. Therefore, the editor here reminds everyone that when buying FRP pultruded profiles, they must communicate with the manufacturer about the size to avoid using problems.

Post time: Oct-20-2021